Creative Direction

Creative Direction

“At the End of the Day” Photo Series & Donor Greeting Card Package

This photo series was commissioned to be printed on a set of blank greeting cards. Each package of cards was sent to the university’s top 100 donors at the end of the calendar year, as a token of appreciation. The photos depict scenes of the campus at dusk and are taken exclusively by student photographers. The short message to each donor enclosed in the package read, “At the end of the day, you make it all possible.” Each card also included, on the back, a short bio and portrait of the student photographer.

The cards are meant to have an abstract and broad-reaching appeal, so that any recipient would feel inspired to use the cards for any occasion and send to their friends and families. This, in-turn, will spread the message about the positive impact the university is making on the lives of students and that it is made possible by generous donor contributions.

I assembled a shot list of about 20 different iconic locations and scenarios around campus at sunset. I then assigned shots to each photographer according to their schedules, shooting style and equipment. This series truly reflects the talent of our team of students. I believe their skills blossomed as they each rose to the challenge of their specific shot assignments. Because of the timing and exactness the photo series demanded, I went on site with the photographers for a few of the shots. I offered suggestions on camera angles and settings and also directed the student models that volunteered for a few of the scenes.

Card Package Specifications
  • 7″x 5″ blank greeting cards with a half-fold
  • Four-color digital printing
  • Each package contained 5 card prints of each photo; 12 photos total
  • Each package included blank envelopes for each card