Greeting Card

New Year’s Greeting Card

One of the challenges in creating for a public university is to create relatable media that appeals to a broad, culturally diverse audience. Annually, I create a holiday greeting card for the Cal State San Marcos president. It is sent to her list of about 1,500 constituents. The first three years I created this card, we struggled with card themes that were too “Christmasy” or too “wintery” for a southern California location. My solution to was to create a New Year’s greeting. Everyone can relate to the enthusiasm and joy that comes with the fresh start of a new year! This also opened a vault of messaging possibilities and we could focus on the coming year’s campaign goals.

In 2016, the university opened its first sports arena and the year before that its first student union building; both beautiful additions to the campus with sleek modern architecture. I saw this as an opportunity to celebrate the growth of the young campus with the card and to deliver some history and nostalgia surrounding the older building structures.

Each panel of the card features an illustration of a building on campus. They are ordered chronologically; newest to oldest, front to back. On the back of each panel is a one paragraph excerpt telling the significance of each campus landmark. The inside of the card includes a heart-felt message from the president celebrating the accomplishments of the institution and expressing her eager optimism of what the new year will bring. Many community members have their cards displayed with pride in their offices.

Card Specifications
  • 5″ x 7″ greeting card
  • Free-hand drawings created in Adobe Illustrator
  • Two spot color inks
  • Four-panel; accordion fold
  • Laser die-cut
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