Empowering your brand with creative direction and marketing strategy


I can walk you through the brand creation process and help you identify your business’ competitive edge. I am equally thrilled to run with the torch and take your established brand to a new level of success. I will organize your media presentation and guide your team to a more unified visual identity that truly represents your strengths.

Institute Rebrand

Brand Style Guide

Event Branding

Print is not dead. Clients or donors love an elegantly designed take-away piece like a magazine, brochure, postcard or booklet. There is a unique strength that I can bring to your story through a beautifully designed print piece. The tactile power of print will influence your readers and bolster your brand.

What started as an interest has grown into an integral part of my designs. I have experience shooting a range of different subjects from the sidelines of NCAA basketball games to in-studio portraiture and architecture, as well as, event photography.

Let’s take your brand’s vision and make it easy for your users to understand through an intuitive web interface. Responsive, simple, lively content that people can consume on any device is my jam.

I rally creative teams around meeting project goals. I can find the talent that is perfect for completing the project objective and keep them motivated to produce their best work. Be it for executives, sales reps, product developers, or philanthropic directors, I am able to deliver visual media growth strategies that address the nuanced requirements specific to the client.

Corporate Rebrand

Brand Style Guide

Magazine Layout


Logo Design

Responsive Web Design


To attract visitors to your website, you need digital ads that match it for messaging and attention to detail. I can design ads for your business that inspire interest and enhance your online presence. Here is a recent example of design ads I created and deployed with great results.

I am energized by working with a team to develop new campaign ideas. Materializing media goals, timeline and budget are a few of my strengths. I love the process and my focus is to take your campaign goals and bring them to life with meaningful graphics that make an impact.

I live to find your target audience, empower them with ways to get involved and convert their interests into revenue. By studying response analytics, I build audience segmentation that ensures only the most relevant content is delivered. I create branded email templates that are easy for novice team members to use. I can help end any frustration you may have with email communications.

Hosting events is an essential part of raising brand awareness. I offer a full-service approach to event promotion that includes: designing invitations and websites, targeting potential attendees through social media posts and developing easy-to-use RSVP/ticket sale interfaces. I create an overall look and feel to the event that can be carried through signage, sponsor solicitations, programs and stage design. I have extensive experience in collaborating with vendors in the fields of catering, equipment rental and audio/visual production.

Podcast Advertising

Multi Channel PR

Email Content

Digital Display Ads

Fundraising Campaign

Virtual Event Production

Empowering your brand with creativity

Hey there! I am Faith K. Hark. I am a motivated senior graphic designer and I am passionate about building teams of talented creatives. I thrive in leading projects and developing marketing strategies. I guide the brand development process with collaboration and deliver a message with heart and purpose.

My expertise draws from a diverse range of experiences. I am driven to exceed each client’s expectations and deliver impactful work, on time and within budget.

Some examples of my work deliverables are:

  • compelling user experiences on screen, on stage, or in print,
  • powerful visual brands that continue to grow and generate revenue,
  • marketing campaigns for e-commerce and philanthropy.

I offer creative direction and brand management at Scripps Research in their Office of Marketing and Communications. I am available for freelance.

Building your brand with heart


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