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On the morning of October 4, 2021, the Nobel Prize committee announced that Scripps Research neuroscientist Ardem Patapoutian received the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology for groundbreaking research that solved a long-standing mystery of how the body senses touch and other mechanical stimuli. This joyous announcement, while unpredicted for 2021, was well earned. My colleagues and I in the institute’s office of Marketing and Communications needed to respond promptly, starting with the first published press release on  Coordinating with my team of science writer’s and graphic designers we posted the landing page within minutes of the announcement.

I offered creative direction to draft and email announcement. We designed, drafted and sent the email, that same morning to all our organically opted in recipients. Additionally, I offered design direction on a short video announcement that was published on Youtube and shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Overall, the press release posts had 222,637 impressions across all social media platforms. It was shared/reshared by colleagues, alumni of Scripps Research, donors and general public 400 times and 6,900 people engaged with the original posts.

From a brand management perspective, celebratory moments, like these, fan the flames of organic interest. They highlight the true mission statement and allow the brand to lean into its natural strengths. 

San Diego Business Journal

Each week, the San Diego Business Journal delivers the market’s most complete package of business news and information on San Diego County’s companies, industries and business people. Their lists provide comprehensive data and statistics on top-ranked San Diego companies across all industries, including biotech research. This opportunity for local outreach to prospective donors strengthened Scripps Research brand awareness. In collaboration with my team of talented writers, I designed this ad and printed it within a week of the Nobel Prize announcement.

The ad offered an in-depth background of Ardem’s award-winning discoveries. It read like a magazine feature story and delivered a call to action engaging the reader with the Scripps Research brand online.

San Diego Magazine

San Diego Magazine’s content introduces the reader to local entrepreneurs and change-makers, the people who shape the city. Additionally, it is an aesthetically beautiful publication with a diverse readership. This was another opportunity to strengthen Scripps Research brand awareness. In collaboration with my team of talented writers, I designed this ad that was printed within a week of Nobel Prize announcement.

This ad invokes emotion and inspires the reader with the hard work and accomplishments of Ardem Patapoutian. His life story parallels with the mission statements of the institute itself. It engages the reader with an authentic example of what the institute aspires to provide the local community.

The San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego’s largest media company and its oldest business, dates back to the founding of the Union in 1868. Today, Union-Tribune publications reach more than 96 percent of San Diego County households each week.

This ad makes a big splash, full-page and on the back of Section A! We kept the message simple with a few paragraphs giving the who, what, where, when and why. It finished with a concise call to action to engage new readers and gained organic interest in our future press releases and events.

Nobel Prize Concert Event

The Marketing and Communications team coordinated an event in honor of the Nobel prize recipient, Ardem Patapoutian, PhD. It included an outdoor cocktail reception and concert performance by the Romeros, a Grammy award-winning classical guitar quartet. The concert was followed by a brief program with words offered from our institute president and the prize recipient and another reception with tray passed hors d’oeuvres and a buffet-style dinner. About 110 select guests attended the event and had a wonderful time. It was an excellent opportunity to celebrate and make genuine connections between donors, researchers and their respective families.

I managed the audio and visual team for the concert and offered creative direction for the event’s visual collateral and over all, day-of execution.

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