Email Content

Donor Outreach: A21 Campaign

The emails displayed here represent three different points of contact. The first email is for those who have previously shown interest and have not yet converted to a donor. The next email is for the active monthly donors. This email provides a stewardship report informing donors where their funds have been put to work within the organization throughout the year, ensuring them that their participation made an impact. The last email is for those who have given in the past and are being encouraged to rejoin the effort. It links the recipient to life changing testimonials about the organization’s freeing efforts and vital care services for human trafficking survivors.

Ecommerce Sales: Sports Memorabilia & Trading Card Games

The emails here are sent to specific sports memorabilia segments that are most interested in their respective types of sports and collectibles. Targeting audiences segments directly like this shows a much higher return on communication efforts. Additionally, sports collectors tend to purchase collectibles during their favorite sports’ season. So highlighting a player immediately after playing well in a game further ensures an email will convert to sale. Timing is everything with these points of contact! Speak directly to the customer’s passion at the time they are feeling the most passionate!

Community Engagement: California State University

Emails sent from Cal State University are inclusive and inviting. They want to invite the surrounding community to feel proud of the positive impact being made by students and faculty through their work at the university. Points of contact on the holidays allow an opportunity to reflect on major highlights throughout the year and to consider further participation or donations to the university. Regular biweekly newsletters keep interested recipients informed on the newest stories about programs, educators and community influencers emerging from the campus. I conducted A/B testing that showed the emails that linked to video tended to have a higher click through rate and offered a more interactive user experience. Leading the email layout with video content was ideal.

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